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Web Development

Greg's passion is for building great applications. He has created web crawlers, API's, e-commerce solutions, custom image rendering software and fully customized web solutions. His skills and interests include developing and designing applications using Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3 and the best modern design practices.

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Mobile Development

With the power of his iPhone 5s in his pocket Greg naturally wanted to build iOS applications. Greg's capabilities include building stand-alone applications such as games utilizing the power of SpriteKit to fully networked, location based, data hungry apps and the robust backend API servers to support them.


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Still Photography

Whenever Greg sees something incredible he has to capture it! He has been passionate about photography and honing his skills for years. His interests include landscape, long exposure, and product photography. He is well versed in pohotoshop, compositing and chroma-key (i.e. green screen) photography.

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360° Virtual Photography

Greg has recently become enamored with 360° virtual images. To create 360° images Greg utilizes special lenses and equipment to capture multiple images from the location. The editing process invloves taking these multiple images then stitching and compositing them together on a spherical plane and rendering them in a 360 viewer. It is a perfect blend of his passions for technology and photography.